What is the fastest way to sell my house fast for cash?

Selling your house quickly for cash is easy with us.

Our team is familiar with all the challenges you may face in selling your home. We go the extra mile to make your house sale as easy and painless as possible. Within 24 hours of our appointment we will provide you with a written offer and then purchase the property in its current condition.

You can count on honesty, transparency and fair offers when you partner with us. We are cash buyers in the DMV area and can work around your busy schedule. We may be the right choice for you if your goal is to quickly sell your home for cash.

We offer an alternative solution if you don’t want to have to worry about repairs, cleaning up, finding a Realtor, showing your house, and paying commission while waiting for it to sell.

That’s right. There is no need to stage or declutter your house. You don’t need to repaint or install new flooring. Your property is sold as-is. In most cases, we pay cash for houses. We buy ugly homes, we buy beautiful houses, it doesn’t matter to us as long as the numbers work.. We can help you sell your Delaware,, Maryland, or Virginia house along with Washington, DC!.

The urgency is understandable. A Quicker Flipper is the easiest way to sell your home. You can sell your Maryland home or any other area for cash. Our offer will not change, no matter what reason you have to sell your home. We offer our best offer every single time. This is unlike many other buyers. We’re not a large investment company, but a cash buyer for the DMV area. We can help you get rid of the stress associated with selling your house, whether it is as-is, divorced, or landlord. We offer cash for homes near me!

How It Works

Step 1

Give us a call or fill out this form.

You can sell your house quickly in any condition. All it takes is you. We are available to help you by calling or completing our contact form. We will handle the whole real estate transaction if we are a good match! We are cash buyers and keep things simple.

We buy houses near me at A Quicker Flipper. We will offer you a price for your home, no matter how good or bad it is. You may be asking yourself, “How do I quickly sell my house for cash?” We have the solution. To get started, simply fill in the contact form.

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Step 2

The details are everything!

Only fair cash offers will be made for DMV area homes. Our team is math-oriented and can show you how to calculate your offer. We’ll guide you every step of your way once you call us or complete the form.

All houses are bought as-is! Do not waste time and money renovating. We will clean everything up as a cash buyer.


Even if the house is in dire need of major repair, we will buy it for cash. Have you been given a house by a hoarder? No problem. We can make fair cash offers regardless of your circumstances!


We offer cash to houses with an honest, open and fair approach. No obligations are attached to our cash offer. We’re happy to sell your property if a cash sale doesn’t work out for you.


You can sell your home without the need for a real estate agent and avoid having to post the For Sale sign. We make it easy for you to sell your home by closing the deal on the date that suits you best.

Step 3

Set a date, close, and collect your funds!

Only fair cash offers will be made for DMV area homes. Our team is math-oriented and can show you how to calculate your offer. We’ll guide you every step of your way once you call us or complete the form.

All houses are bought as-is! Do not waste time and money renovating. We will clean everything up as a cash buyer.

Is it really that simple to sell my house fast for cash?


A typical time frame to sell a house is between three and twelve months if you work with an agent. It will depend on how competitive the market is and what your house is worth. You will be hosting buyers who will visit your home. You'll also need to ensure that the home is clean and tidy. The buyers have 45 days to inspect the home, make appraisals, and complete underwriting. If the buyers cancel for any reason, you will have to start over and relist to find another buyer.

Although listing with a realtor allows your house to be placed on the MLS for free, this also comes with high real estate agent fees. You can save money by listing your house For Sale By Owner. However, this will mean that you have to do all the marketing and negotiations, as well as legal documentation, repairs, and then wait for a buyer. You can also sell your home to A Quicker Flipper, a professional buyer of homes. You only need to show up for closing for your check and leave with the money.

Sell your home to A Quicker Flipper, a company that buys homes.
In as little as seven days, we can buy your house.
There are no inspections or appraisals and, best of all...
there is no need for buyers to tour your house for several months.

Here are some reasons to sell your home to A Quicker Flipper

The DMV area’s cash-only home buyer company, A Quicker Flipper, is local to the area. Although we primarily buy houses in cash, we also offer home sellers more innovative real estate solutions than the standard cash offer. We want to give the seller the best possible outcome by working with us in order to facilitate a quick, easy home sale.

There are lots of situations where we can help, including… avoiding foreclosure, divorce, relocating, inherited an unwanted property, own a vacant house, upside down in your mortgage, behind on payments, owe liens, downsized and can’t sell your house, needs repairs you can’t pay for, fire damage, bad rental tenants, and more.

A Quicker Flipper is a different company. Within 24 hours, we will make a fair cash offer for your home and close as soon as you are ready. We will buy your house if it is in bad shape. Columbia, Towson and Annapolis are all areas we buy homes. We can help you get it done fast because we pay cash for houses in the DMV area and do not need traditional bank financing.

Our team is not Realtors. We are professional home buyers. It is possible to bypass the whole listing process by simply selling your house to us. We can help you with any problems that may arise. We can help you find the best fit even if we aren’t the right match. Locally-based, we love to meet in person.

We may not be the right fit for every person, but we will gladly take your calls, listen to your story, and offer our professional, honest opinion. No matter what your circumstances, our goal is to help you find the best way to make the process of selling your home as easy and profitable as possible. Contact us at (phone number).

We are happy to answer any questions you may have by clicking to call the number below. We will guide you throughout the process to ensure that your sale goes smoothly.

Don't delay! We are ready to make a cash offer on your property right away. You can quickly sell your home without the need to list with an agent, regardless of its condition. For a free, no-obligation cash offer, fill out this form